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Some of the projects in our portfolio seeking funding

- An Algae to Fuel project seeking about $38M. It is shovel ready and will have four streams of income. 1. Fuel to burn like diesel to produce power. 2. A Tilapia fish farm. 3. A shrimp farm and 4. Animal feed. As this is a an almost closed ecological system it is interdependent and will work almost anywhere there is water. The project received recently a $5M rant from the DoD.

- A Water from Air project seeking about $25M. It will manufacture these units in Texas for world wide distribution to alleviate water shortages in drought stricken areas worldwide. Over 10,000 units are on order. A reverse osmosis system it will be powered by solar and or wind with a small diesel generator as a back up. Swiss American technology at work here.

- A Sludge to Oil project that is established in the Middle East and has a second plant under construction in South East Asia. It converts the sludge in oil tankers and tanks on the bottom to usable oil, water and road construction material.

-Waste to Energy projects. We have several with different technologies. Pyrolysis, gasification, high and low heat. All working and proven. One is in Spain seeking about $37M with all permits in order and feed-in and take-off agreements signed.

- We have Electric Vehicles, fish farms, solar, wind, hydro-electric, hydrogen, wave power, new solar panels, GREEN fracking solutions and more. 

If it is GREEN we will source funding for it.

Earth Day is Every Day.

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